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About us

Ritzy-Toys is based in The Netherlands where we design and distribute our whole range.

Who we are;

In our Dutch real-estate agency, Ritzy-Design, we wondered about the outdated designs of many toys which don’t match the design and colors architects use nowadays.. Especially a thing like a kids’ slide is very notable in your residence. So we did a lot of research for the perfect design, so it’s safe, plays well, but also looks great. And with the same philosophy we made more products during time.

Jasper de Boot and Simone van Kol

The basics


It starts with choosing the best materials; stylish but also free from harmful and toxic substances.


For the production we aim to find the best craftsmanship locally. Most of it is handmade.



The meaning behind:

1. elegant; posh; luxurious 2. fashionable; classy `{```refined and tasteful in appearance, behavior or style```}` Dictionary.com


The news