Stylish toys
Outdoor slide
A kids slide you don't longer want to hide! Unique pieces in stylish colors, just like the rest of your home.
Stylish colors
We made a selection of stylish colors for you. But you can also get your own idea custom made for you.

Stylish kids toys

Ritzy Toys makes stylish toys comparable with todays design standards.

So they don’t longer mismatch with the rest of your residence. Toys you don’t want to hide.

While waiting for our slides’ we made some other stylish toys for you, and there’s more to come.. check them out in the webshop

Stylish Colors

The slide has a metallic high gloss finish. We made a selection of nice colors..

Will fit your residence

No more hiding or looking at bright colored toys which don’t fit the style and architecture of your contemporary residential design.

Will play as good

For you it’s like a piece of nice furniture, but for the kids the toys will play as good as bright colored one’s. 

Will last more generations

High quality fibers, super quality metallic finish, teak steps, all handmade. Our slide is build for more generations! 


1. elegant; posh; luxurious 2. fashionable; classy ["refined and tasteful in appearance, behavior or style"]

A little about us; We were just like you..passionate about nice designs in and around the house. And wondered about the outdated designs of many toys which don’t match the design and colors architects use nowadays.. Especially a thing like a kids’ slide is very notable in your residence. However you do want them for your kids, because they simply like it, for many years. So we did a lot of research for the perfect design, so it’s safe, plays well, but also looks great.

So.. Why Hide the Toys ?


Jasper de Boot en Simone van Kol

The Netherlands

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